Please read the "Consent and Release Form" below for the processing of personal data in relation to the Psychophysiological Assessment services.
Consent & Release Form
Psychophysiological assessment services
This consent form is issued by Novikontas Maritime College (NMC). For the purposes of this consent, form NMC is the controller and processor. In accordance with the General Protection Regulation (GDPR), outlined below is information regarding the collection and use of your personal data and your rights concerning this activity. Any information we hold on you will be used for the sole purpose for which you have provided consent.

Providing your consent to the processing of your personal data is voluntary. By clicking or signing below, you understand that NMC will process your Relevant Personal & Special Category Data (as You defined below) in accordance with this Consent and Release Form, and you consent to such processing. You can revoke your consent at any time via email:

Relevant & Special category Data: What data is collected?
Categories of personal data collected and processed by NMC for the provision of this service to the Client (Shipping Company/Hiring Agency) include (name, surname, age, date of testing) and special categories of personal data (psychophysiological test results).

Purposes of processing Relevant Personal & Special Category Data
The purpose for which NMC may process your Relevant Personal & Special Category Data includes:
  • Conducting tests (psychophysiological tests)
  • Processing and generating test results and analysis
  • Providing psychophysiological profile narratives
  • Providing our clients with assessment and consulting services
  • Providing employees with personal development recommendations
Raw data (including biometric data) collected from the psychophysiological testing and the virtual reality (VR) session, such as heart rate, brain waves, and heart rate variability is encrypted, stored locally in the CleverPoint software, and is NOT made available to the Client.

The following information is available to the Client:
  • Name and Surname of Candidate
  • Age at the time of testing and date and time of testing
  • Psychophysiological Assessment results and their narratives (Psychophysiological Testing Report)

Data protection and retention
NMC shall implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect relevant personal data. All data is stored on the local computer servers, where the assessment has been conducted, and where all reasonable measures are in place, including encryption, password protection, and de-identification.

NMC may retain your Personal Data, Special Category data and Raw Data, including narratives of psychophysiological testing results for the duration of one five (5) years, to fulfill the purposes for which those Personal and Special Category Data were originally collected and analyzed. NMC will delete all traces of test results and personal data past the five (5) year retention period.

Your rights
Should you not consent to any or all this data being exchanged with the shipping company/hiring agency (Client) on your behalf, said data will not be sent to the shipping company/hiring agency (Client).
If you wish to remove these test results prior to the one five (5) year retention period, you can do so by submitting a written request via email:

We may require you to confirm your identity prior to deleting these files, after which, all files in question will be deleted within 48 hours. You may request a copy of your psychophysiological test results at any time once the testing process has been completed.

a. Overview
The shipping company/hiring agency (Client) requires that you complete a pre-employment psychophysiological screening that constitutes part of the comprehensive selection process of the conditional offer of employment for the position to which you are applying.
The shipping agency/company has appointed NMC to conduct such an assessment through the use of CleverPoint technology. All testing completed through CleverPoint technology is automatically scored, analyzed, and reported to the shipping/hiring agency (Client).
The pre-employment psychophysiological screening process involves standardized cognitive tests and stress-coping tests that have been associated with essential functions, duties, working conditions, and safety for employment on board.
The purpose of the pre-employment psychophysiological screening is to adequately assess the physiological characteristics and mental capabilities required to perform essential job-related functions and ensure your personal safety and wellbeing. If at any time, you wish to ask about the relevance of a test in the assessment program, you may address the examiner during the process directly or electronically at
As with any job application, you have the right to terminate the assessment at any time.

b. Limits of Confidentiality
The goal of the pre-employment psychophysiological screening is to determine the effects of physiological arousal on candidates' behavior and cognition that may negatively affect their personal safety, job duties, and responsibilities onboard, and that they are capable of withstanding the psychological demands intrinsic to the job onboard. Following the completion of the assessment process, the shipping company/ hiring agency (Client) requires a report of relevant findings and conclusions, to determine your suitability for this position and any personal development and/or self-care activities relevant for your wellbeing.

c. Report of Findings and Conclusions
Upon completion of the pre-employment psychophysiological screening process, NMC will provide the shipping company / hiring agency (Client) a written report of relevant findings and conclusions relevant to the job position upon your signing of the Consent & Release Form. These reports are necessary to fulfill the purpose for which you have been referred and assessed by NMC.

d. Copy of Report and Records
This pre-employment psychophysiological screening is conducted solely to assist the shipping company/ hiring agency (Client) in determining your qualification for the purpose stated above. Because the shipping company/hiring agency is NMC's client, your authorization will not permit NMC to release or disclose the reports to any third party except as described above.

e. Payment for Services
The shipping agency/company is compensating NMC and personnel for their services, who are nonetheless bound by ethical rules and regulations of their profession, to remain objective and neutral assessors.

f. Use of Screening Results
As a result of the pre-employment psychophysiological screening process, the shipping agency/company may advance you to the next stage of the hiring process or remove you from further consideration. NMC submits all relevant findings, and recommendations to the shipping agency/company (Client), but it is the shipping company/hiring agency (Client) that defines the standards of hiring and qualification, and renders ultimate decisions regarding suitability for each candidate.
The psychophysiological testing report for this position is NOT a statement or an opinion about your general psychological health or physical health or emotional stability, nor a statement regarding suitability for this position with another shipping agency/company or a different position with the same shipping agency/company.

g. Termination of participation
You are free to decline participation in the assessment process at any time. Note that your decision to decline participation may have implications for your conditional employment offer, but this will be determined solely by the shipping agency/company.

h. Release of Information
Upon completion of the tests, test results and written reports of relevant findings will be released to the shipping agency/company (Client).
NMC advises the shipping agency/company (Client) to maintain the reports in a confidential personnel file, and release this information only to relevant personnel solely for the purpose of this conditional job offer. It is the responsibility of the shipping agency/company not to redisclose pertinent information. By agreeing to this screening assessment process, as attested by your signature, you release NMC from any liability for the disclosure of results by the shipping agency/company to third parties.

By pressing the "Sign Up" button, You consent to NMC storing your personal data and psychophysiological test results for a five (5) year period.
By pressing the "Sign Up" button, You consent to NMC sharing the following data with the Client: name surname and age and the time of testing
By pressing the "Sign Up" button, You consent to NMC sharing the following data with the Client: a written narrative of my psychophysiological testing results (report).

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