Biometric sensors measuring electrical activity of brain, cardiovascular and autonomic nervous system. The EEG and ECG signals collected from the sensors provide medical device level stability and reliability
CleverPoint's biometric technology, combined with VR headset, offers high mobility and an excellent fit.
All-in-one portable package that includes all of the components for easy and convenient operation. Due to the device’s mobility,
an administrator can directly visit users anywhere.
Biofeedback, virtual reality assessment and training simulations.
Everything from one laptop including systematic management of tests and training results, user management and real-time tracking.
Biosignals and user's response in VR, are collected and uploaded via a wireless device, where the information is automatically processed by the analytics engine and converted to quantitative indexes.
CleverPoint Marine
INDUSTRIES FIRST STATE-OF-THE ART NEUROTECHNOLOGY used as a holistic psychophysiological assessment & training tool

CleverPoint's technology allows even nonprofessionals to quickly analyze performance influencing factors and identify mental health risks in an individual. The collected data is used for early detection of burnout, anxiety, mental workload, fatigue, and cognitive deficits.

Psychometric Assessment
Wellbing Simulators
Boosting resilience, promoting self-development, and raising awareness through individual consultations, seminars, workshops and a personalized wellbeing plan.
Evaluating business effects associated with the mental health of an employee, with an objective to reduce occupational and financial risks.
Safety & Health Option
Evaluating recruitment, promotion, and screening processes with an objective to simplify procedures, reduce workload and enhance the reliability of HR processes.
HR Management Option
Expanding research capabilities and insights into individual human factors and associated organizational processes with an objective to develop company-specific tools and innovations.
Research & Development Option
Employee Training Option
Enhancing employee well-being, job satisfaction, health, and performance through personalized self-development activities and suggestions
Employee Wellbeing Option
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